Visual Inspection Course

Become a visual inspector for your cylinders or to work in a dive center

EPSO offers this training for individuals or employees to ensure the safety of your facilities or dive operations. The training is designed to meet universal training requirements. It complies with the majority of government regulations requiring employee training on hazardous materials.

Our training includes Canadian and Quebec particularities but in general, Canadian and American standards are VERY similar.

We will teach you the proper techniques for visually inspecting cylinders, rebuilding valves and how to do a fill. The theoretical part is given online (in English only) through the agency SDI/TDI. The practical part is the heart of this training. We will focus on the practice of inspections. For people who want a filling station operation certificate, this training does not cover this part because it requires another full day.

The Theory will teach you:

  • Learn inspection techniques
  • Know and use the various inspection tools
  • Inspect multiple cylinders
  • Discuss cylinder conditions with your peers
  • Disassemble, clean and reassemble a cylinder valve (including "O2 Clean" cleaning)
  • Learn how to fill a cylinder from our filling station.
  • Complete the relevant documents

You must have completed the theoretical part BEFORE the training. You can register for the theoretical part by following the following link.

Get your theory done here

Relevant information:

  • Obtaining training as a visual inspector can seem to provide a feeling of substantial savings for an individual wishing to do their own inspections. Through this training, you will learn that to make your training profitable, you must do a fairly high number of visual inspections. If you have less than 10 cylinders, this training will not pay off in the short or long term.
  • If you take this training to make ends meet by doing inspections of divers in your area, be aware that the operating price will discourage you quite quickly. You must obtain commercial insurance and obtain a training renewal every 3 years.
  • This training is mainly intended for individuals wishing to increase their knowledge in the maintenance of diving equipment or individuals who work in a diving center.
  • Cylinders inspected and approved by independent inspectors are normally not accepted by dive centers. (We cover this notion in the training).
  • Our focus is on diving cylinders. Firefighter cylinders will be covered in the theory part, but the practical part emphasizes diving.

Plan the whole day, this training is quite intensive.

If you are following this training for the first time, you MUST have ordered your inspector's kit with us or online at the following address (at least the "Cylinder Mini Inspection Kit"). (Inspector's Kits)

The "Cylinder Thread Viewer – Package" is also highly recommended for your inspections.

We order kits on request only. Get ahead.

This training is NON-REFUNDABLE.

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