Dive into the next level of CCR

Let us help you get to the most rewarding level of diving!

CCR diving is known to be the ultimate goal in a diver's carreer. This milestone isnt for the faint of heart. You have to work hard, you need discipline and need to leave your ego at the surface, not just pretend you do...

EPSO has all you need to achieve this goal, but can you prove us that you have the skills and patience to get there? Come and see us, we will have a serious chat. The reality is that CCR diving isnt just a weekend adventure. It is costly to start, it requires you to re-learn a good portion of what you know and you have to accept that you wont be perfect on the first dive. Ultimately, you will get better and start to enjoy the experience of a lifetime.

You can start your adventure as a sidemount diver as well since the Liberty allows for both configuration. To do this, we will ask you to be pre-trained as a sidemount diver.

Divesoft has re-invented CCR diving with the first fault tolerance CCR electronics. They have innovated and now you can enjoy the most reliable and sophisticated CCR on the market to date.

Dont get fooled by price until you understand what you get for the money. Some other brand CCR may sound attractive based on price. The reality is that the Liberty offers more than just a unit. It offers a Tuen key solution where you get everything you need. Not just a can of scrubber and a head. It was designed for the type of environement we live in here in Canada and also outperforms the competition in warmer temperatures. Enough with the bragging, lets see if you have what it takes...

 Are you ready to take action? Contact us to make an appointment. Chances are that if you are reading this text, you already know the key people at EPSO to help you on your way. Otherwise, go to the store and express your interest to a member of our team. They will be happy to put you in contact with the DIVESOFT specialists.

You are not convinced? Test drive a Liberty CCR right here in the area. We have all models ready to dive. A fee will be required to cover the costs related to your demo, but the price is well worth it.


Divesoft Ambassador
Divesoft Ambassador: Stéphan Senécal
Divesoft Liberty Instructor