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How much does scuba diving cost?

A very appropriate question before you venture there...  

To begin, you have to understand that there are two types of beginners. There are those who just want to try diving in the pool to know if they are going to like it, and there are those who already know that they like and want to go straight to PADI Open Water training..

For people who just want to try diving, it's the Discover Scuba Diving (DSD) program. EPSO offers the best DSD programs and you can find the information HERE.  

You belong to the second category of people who are ready for adventure? Here's how it works with EPSO.

First, congratulations! You have just made a decision that will change your outlook on our lakes, rivers and oceans and it will change your life!


You must be in good health (without serious complications) and be at least 10 years old. You don't have to be a great swimmer but you have to be humble and accept that you are not a fish! ;)

What will I do in my training?

EPSO offers PADI training, the largest international agency among all. Here is the course format by EPSO, you will need to perform the following steps:

  • Information session - You fill out the forms, we take your measurements and we explain the details of the training. This is the first step in your training.
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  • Theoretical training - We offer theoretical training with two methods (with an instructor in class and the "Online" method). This part of your training explains the standards, techniques, equipment, procedures. Online training is a little more expensive, but the difference in costs is negligible considering the less trips you will have to make and the advantage of continuing when you want in the comfort of your home.


  • Practical training - We jump into action, you will be in the water with us starting in the shallow part of the pool and we will make you practice what you learned in class.
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  • Certification - Now that you have completed your training sessions and you feel ready to go diving in open water, you will have 4 dives in 2 days to perform exercises that you practiced in the pool. Once finished, you are a PADI Open water scuba diver!

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Well! How much does it ultimately cost?

  • For the theoretical part in the classroom and in the pool: $ 329 (online version $ 389)

  •  For the certification part: $ 220 (includes all the necessary equipment excluding fins, mask and snorkel). (if you purchase your complete gear, you will save $100 off the rentals)
  • You must purchase fins, mask and snorkel in order to participate in the training. We offer a 15% discount on this material when you are a student.
  • If you wish, you can opt for private training. The costs vary depending on the size of your private group or if you are alone. Private training receives very special attention regarding the techniques taught. You will be in the front row! Ask us for the details! It varies between $100 and $200 per diver depending on your group size.

Are there any other fees to consider?

Here are the options offered during your training:

  • FQAS Card (This card allows you to dive in Quebec) - $ 20
  • If you are having difficulty requiring more pool sessions, allow $ 50 per pool session. You will have a Divemaster with you to refine your exercises. It is rather rare to see this situation, but some more demanding divers sometimes ask to practice a little more before certification. Don't be shy, come play in the water and be even more efficient during your certification!


Is it refundable?

Once you start training, you can no longer be reimbursed. If you have not started your training, we can reimburse you for part of it, as the books are non-refundable. Take the time to make a thoughtful decision.

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