Owner's Outings

Let's get wet with Mario and Edith

At EPSO, our dedication goes beyond training

The owner's outings are specially designed to help you progress from the beginner level to a comfortable level according to your criterias. They are free* and allow you to practice with Mario and Edith on real well-known dive sites. It's ideal for you!

A diving briefing precedes the dives to let you know the site's attractions, potential dangers and techniques to succeed.

To register, simply choose the activities that interest you and you will receive communications specific to each!  It's important to register rather than just showing up so you get all communications prior to each activities.

* Some sites require access fees but these fees are beyond our control 

  Destination Boat Start Date Places Available Price  
Wolfe Islander II Wreckreation Sunday 31 Oct 2021 9 CA$ 90.00

Staff: Dominique Gingras

  • Start Date: Sun 31 Oct 2021 at 10:00
  • Places Available: 9
  • Our Price: CA$ 90.00

2 plongées sur le Wolf Islander II

Please meet us at Treasure Island Marina as our departure point (Google Map)
Rejoingnez-nous chez Treasure Island Marina pour le départ (Google Map)

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