Ice Diver

It's not because it's cold that we stop diving!


PADI Ice Diver training with EPSO

If the spirit of adventure and challenging diving appeal to you, try diving under the ice.

During the course, you will dive with a PADI professional in one of the most extreme recreational diving specialties.

Cold fun!

Explore the unique waterscape found only under the ice. You may be one of the few to have dived under a solid ice cap. Plus, imagine your Divemaster's face on your next trip to the Caribbean when you hold your PADI Ice Diver certificate. You might be lucky enough to play with your exhaled air bubbles under the ice or try walking upside down under the ice.

You will learn

You will need to complete a minimum of three ice dives for your certification. Dives are usually done in groups, with support staff, divers, turnbuckles and safety divers. You are under the ice to learn how to control buoyancy, navigate under the ice, and stay in contact with the main diver and turnbuckles through pull lines.

You will learn:

  • Plan and organize ice dives
  • Reasons and opportunities for ice diving,
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Site selection, preparation and ice cutting procedures
  • How to practice ice diving problem and hazard management procedures and techniques
  • Use specialized ice diving equipment, lifelines, signals, communications, line monitoring and securing techniques
  • How to deal with equipment problems related to sub-zero temperature
  • About the effects of cold weather, emergency procedures and diver safety procedures

We provide:

  • Heat! We have a warm place for you to warm up between your dives
  • All safety materials
  • Underwater support
  • Surface support
  • Hot soup...  Nothing like some chicken broth to keep you warm.
  • Hot beverages


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